The most common questions riders ask before booking a
horse back trail ride

Q: Are children welcome on the horseback riding tours?

A: Yes, children are welcome age 6 and older on most of our riding tours.

Q: Are there any weight limits?

A: Yes, we have a weight limit of 225lbs for a rider on any of our trail rides also we do require our guests to get on and off their horses with only minimum assistance from our wranglers.

Q: What kinds of clothes do I need to wear on the tour?

A: Please wear long pants and comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, closed-toe shoes, and, in the winter, layered clothing. (sweater or sweatshirt, jacket , and gloves).. Hats (other than ball caps) should have chin string.

Q: What else do I need to bring?

A: Please bring sunscreen!

Q: Do I need to bring anything to drink?

A: Water is available before and after rides. You may bring your own soft drinks. Alcohol (and other drugs) are not permitted.

Q: We are a group, how many people can be on a tour?

A: We can accommodate up to 6 people on each tour group.Please call us at 321-632-7085 to make your reservations.

Q: Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

A: No. But if you cannot make it for your scheduled ride please we would ask you to call us as early as possible so we can accommodate other riders (We will gladly reschedule your ride.)

Q: Are all of the rides offered at Horse Back Trail Rides appropriate for everyone?

A: Although we offer rides for virtually everyone, some of our rides are more challenging than others. If you have any questions about what ride may best suit you or your group, please call us at 321-632-7085.